Image created by D. Cooper, Dialogic Imaging Concepts

Image created by D. Cooper, Dialogic Imaging Concepts

Fish scale in DIC, 225X. 

The image placed 54th in the 2009 Nikon Small World competition.

Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Judith Stauber has 20 years of business management and programmatic development experience. Judith has degrees in organizational, visual, and intercultural communication and specializes in the interpretation of technical data for resonance with multiple and diverse audiences.
Chief Technical Officer: Dr. Daniel Cooper has 35 years of technical experience as a senior-level scientist focusing on spatial analysis, atmospheric physics, and imaging sensor development. Daniel has degrees in Geography, Soil Science, and Watershed Management. His experimental work includes image development and processing from global satellite scales to microscopic perspectives.

Chiton rasp in DIC, 150X

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